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  • kavisic ·
    I see you are in a similar situation to me. I traded in a 2012 Azera for a Genesis 3.8 Ultimate. Quite a delightful difference. We'll have to swap stories! I am disappointed that I don't have LED fog lights. Maybe a conversion kit will be available later down the road?
    FlySwatter ·
    The NAV and Entertainment system are very notable upgrades with the Ultimate Package. The head unit directly supports Pandora and Aha Radio, so that the controls for both are on screen accessible. I only have Android to use as a reference. All screen controls can be accessed via touch or a control wheel on the console.

    Although the engine size is not that much larger, the acceleration is noticeably greater in the V6. If money were object, I'd have gone with the V8 for the adjustable suspension, but the V6 is very comfortable indeed. I definitely recommend a test drive!

    On a tangent, it's funny that your thread was regarding your wheels on your Azera. I absolutely love the factory wheels on the V6 Genny -- especially with the black paint job. The wheels on the V8 are not as appealing.
    jsmit86 ·
    Flyswatter -

    As a member who has owned both an Azera, and the new Genesis, it would be very interesting to hear your observations and contrasts once you get a few miles on the new ride.

    I would be especially interested in hearing about the Genesis NAV, and Audio systems, including iPhone and or Android control etc..
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