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  • tawdesan ·
    Hello Flatland2D, I have a 2013 Elantra Limited with Nav and just a quick question:

    After reading all of these threads and installing new Infinity components in my front doors (2-way JBLs in the rears), but not yet adding a sub, I find that the factory speakers in my 2013 Limited with Nav were louder and had more bass. It seems as though these new speakers would produce better (overall) if they had a better amp than the factory one...can I just bypass the factory one (any suggestions)?
    Lisandroz89 ·
    Hi there,

    I bought an navigation system for my elantra 2014 GLS. I'm having troubles with the sound, the supplier told me that I have to buy a CAN-BUS Decoder due to the fact that the elantra has a factory amplifier. Is that true? Is it going to affect anything of my car? Please help
    jepank ·
    Hi there, I got a question about speakers/amp/sub upgrade on elantra limited with nav.
    Is there any difficulties? Or its just like upgrading on other cars?
    Because i saw 1 guy on this forum adding sub, he had to take out the back seat and put the cable from engine to the trunk. (idk, so complicated)
    Thanks for the reply.
    jabib ·
    Hey I'm curious which plant your Elantra came from since I've heard there are minute differences in the colors coming from Ulsan and Alabama. I'm supposed to be getting mine soon from Ulsan and I love the look of your car.
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