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  • pyxen ·
    Hi! Any chance I can get perma-edit rights to the first post in the Consolidated Mods thread? It'd be nice to have the first post extended as people add stuff to the thread, or as I find stuff in the forum to add, instead of having to wade through the whole thread itself. While still consolidated, it could be better :) Thanks! Tim
    mleemor60 ·
    Who is in charge of spam on this forum? Seems like you are getting hit all over the board.

    I am an administrator on three other VBulletin forums and have hundreds of spam hits a day to deal with. Things don't appear to be too bad here but if you let a few slip by then hundreds show up.

    I will help where I can.
    How e sees about i change my photo and info on my about me? When it says edit my about me, it gose back to what everyon
    rosedoodle ·
    Thought this might interest you:

    Tesla’s Model S meets the jaws of life | Fossils & Photons – Energy and Clean Tech | an blog
    Petie1881 ·
    I have some 2011 hyundai elantra parts/aftermarket parts i would like to sell, where in the forum do i post that, i know it doesnt get posted in the hyundai elantra md forum?? Thanks
    jsinton ·
    Hi Em, just wanted to say "Hi" and thanks for being the welcoming committee for the forum. I don't mean to be very antisocial, but I'm totally nuts & bolts here. Just want to give you some appreciation for once and so you didn't think your efforts were unnoticed... thanks.
    Em-squared ·
    Thanks, REVLEVINS, I will definitely talk about it to Zak. We do have an official fuel mileage thread, but it is not a Sticky.
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