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  • Ranger SVO ·
    Ranger SVO ·
    Our car uses a Low Profile ATM. Its different from the one you have posted

    Add A Circuit Line Mini Low Profile ATM

    FAST Shipping! Mini Blade Fuse Tap Holder Add A Circuit Line Mini Low Profile ATM + 5A 7.5A 10A 15A, Car Add a Fuse Automotive Car: Industrial Products: Industrial & Scientific
    12tony ·
    So do i , Thank you 2. I doubt your list is shorter...... ;) And they are the best thing that ever happened to us right? >:D lol. Wow i haven't been to a real car show like that in years. We go to the local hot rod & muscle car ones once in a while but thats about it. I would be honored to meet you & your other half.
    Airforce1 ·
    Wow,I feel really special,thank you.I bet my list of friends is shorter than yours. I am the same way and I hate two faced,negative, and phony people. In todays world,a sense of humor is a must and laughter is a great medicine.

    My wife and I try and go to the NYC car show every year at Jacob Javits. If you and your wife are game,maybe we can meet there.

    As for our wives being lucky,I bet they would say that we are the lucky oncs,at least,I know my wife would :)
    12tony ·
    I feel my arm being twisted right now and it hurts! lol. I dont like that many people as far as friends i have a really short list. I tend to say what i think and not deal with bs if i don't have to.

    What i am trying to say is if you lived closer i would invite you and your wife over for a BBQ without even meeting you. Just by our conversations on here and your great sense of humor. Our wives are very lucky women! lol!
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