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  1. Xg300- Loss Of Power - Cel P0171 And P0174

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Just invest on the new MAF sensor, you cant go wrong. I just had one replaced with two other oxygen sensors. I had a CEL on for about a year until I replaced these and now the car is running like new. The shop I took it to are expensive but they provide 100% work, I paid $650 for all the work...
  2. Abs And Tcs Lights On

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Hello again! The ABS and TCS lights are staying on, I tried pressing the TCS button but it doesn't turn off the light. I checked the connectors on the front wheels and they look good and are not hooked up. Anyone have any ideas on what else I can check out? Thanks!
  3. Instrument Panel Lights

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Does anyone know what kind of bulb these instrument panels have? Or are they built in LEDs into the board? Thanks!
  4. Tps And Maf Xg300/350

    Classifieds- Private Wanted
    Im looking for both of these guys! If you have them both and need some spare money let me know! Im looking for cheapest price possible which includes shipping, thank you! Placentia, CA ZIP: 92870
  5. New Project: Xg300 Lsx

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Had my entire engine rebuilt due to some unseen damage done to the car while the first owner had it. Decided to just get it redone and experience the car at 0 miles. Engine was completely cleaned from any carbon and oil sludge! [b]This is what i got included with the $1700 Price! - All new...
  6. New Project: Xg300 Lsx

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    I grabbed a new set of FORTE Rims with 225/40R18 Tires, really nice for $450 off of craigslist. I'll post a picture of them later today. I am in the process of setting up my carputer and I have purchased a few little add-ons to get this done. So far I've purchased the following: - Shuttle XPC...
  7. New Project: Xg300 Lsx

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Hello everyone, First of all, thank you for all your help when it comes to solving issues on the XG300. I had three major fixes done to my car and now it rides like a new car. Currently I am in the process of turning my XG300 into my own custom XG300LSX model(Luxury Sedan Xtreme Edition). I...
  8. Battery Dead Or Alive !

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    I've been having the same issue, as long as the car is on it charges the battery but when I leave it off for a few hrs it doesn't turn over, just tries to turn on but not enough juice is there. I linked it to my HID lights, I had to remove them and put the stand headlights on.
  9. 2001 Grandeur Xg With Restricted Rpm

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Hmm this sounds like something that happened to me. Here are the stages of my problem... 1. Car would not let me WOT and accelerate hard. 2. Car would start studdering when I reached 3000+ RPMs. 3. Car would have horrible gas mileage! So what fixed my car? Replacing the Accelerator Position...
  10. Interchanging Body Parts

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    I did go with the facelift and everything fit wonderfully! I'll post pictures as soon as I get my camera from my fam bam :P.
  11. Sound From Engine

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Could be bad gasoline. Is the sound loud or it can be bad oil.
  12. Interchanging Body Parts

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Well heres the issue, I don't have time to do this just yet, I am working 6 days out of the week. I work from 8am and get home around 8pm with traffic. Sunday is church and family day, :(. I should have a "Work on the Car" hahah! Anyways, I am not doing the wheels to the XG ones. I will put in...
  13. Interchanging Body Parts

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Hello everyone, I finally got my engine problems fixed by replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. Now im looking to working on the body of the car, I am looking on making the facelift modification on my car. I want to go from having the ugly 2001 XG300 face and trunklid to getting them swapped...
  14. No Shift On Wot

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    I would definitely try cleaning out the APS (Accelerator Position sensor). What I did was remove the two bolts holding down the assembly and then took off the other screws that hold the actual module. I cleaned the contacts and aligned it to the specific alignment. I would check to see if your...
  15. No Shift On Wot

    Grandeur & XG Forum
    Just wanted to update you guys on these fixes. I can now go Full Throttle! I had to tune the Accelerator Position Sensor, clear all codes and replace the MAF sensor. So far the car is doing good, idles bad at a stop during DRIVE but I think that's going to be taken care of with the TPS. Wish me...