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  • mrstats ·
    Hello, Just thought I'd share what another member stated regarding the evaporator freezing. Could it be a bad sensor? That sounds like the evaporator is freezing up. Should be a temp sensor that cycles the compressor if the temp gets near freezing across the coil. Bob (Mr Stats)
    mrstats ·
    Hello Again, I'm not sure if the last message went through, so I thought I'd send it again. The air conditioning mishap only happened once. I will keep in contact and let you know if it happens again. I expect to use it a lot in the next few months. Mr. Stats
    mrstats ·
    Hello, The air conditioner problem with you 2013 Hyundai only happened once, correct? Again, thank you for the information. Hyundai dealerships I've contacted state this is not a know problem with the vehicles.
    OkieRich ·
    One more thing. Was it worth losing most of everything we had to get all this? H3ll no. We were perfectly happy with our "old" stuff. Never, EVER, want to go through this BS again.
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