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YoshiFD3S 03-04-2012 04:28 PM

PowerAxel ECU Tune/Reflash - DYNO! :D

Took me a minute to find the actual 'Dynojet RunViewer' program....

Here you go, guys.

Miguel will have to be the one to clarify as to whether or not the custom tune that your guy did will actually be the same tune that you guys are going to WANT to offer.

My car provided some challenges to the tuner, mainly because it was the first one he had worked with that had an intake and cat-back exhaust....coupled with my BOV "mod" which we discovered caused some significant boost issues at mid-RPM's...I'll talk about that in a second..

At least with this dyno, though, everyone will be able to see the kind of gains that were made.

Overall the experience was fun, and I ended up purchasing the actual handheld device. My car has a newer ECU revision on it from a recent trip to the dealership where they updated it.

Essentially, with the handheld device I can press a single button and it will return it to stock, or I can reload the custom tune. There is also space for one more additional tune, and the device can be plugged into a PC with the appropriate software, where further adjustments can be made.

Also, with that, when/as PowerAxel releases new tunes, you can essentially download the tune to the handheld device and then run it on your car.

The handheld I purchased also has bluetooth capabilities. Once a phone application is made, it will essentially be similar to a "Torque" style app where you can view live data on the car when you have the unit plugged in.

So yeah...

Am I happy? Heck yeah. The huge increase in power is very noticeable, and yet I STILL got 33-34 MPG's on my drive home, and that was WITH occasional full-throttle bursts.

Unfortunately, let me state very clearly that...



I was one of the first couple people to do the "mod" and as much as it sucks, it needs to be recirculated.

Essentially, the whole "shuttering" sound that you will hear IF you do/have done the mod, is in fact the wastegate fluctuating the boost level. It was clear as day on the other dyno graphs where the power was incredibly shaky in the mid-RPM's, until the shuttering stopped.

The actual peak HP/TQ gain was negligible, but the mid-range HP/TQ difference was obvious when you're talking about fluctuating boost versus a solid 18-22PSI.

My next plan is to purchase some HKS performance Nissan 370Z spark-plugs. Apparently they fit right in, and their temperature range actually will actually make a horsepower/torque gain.

After that, I'm going through with my plans of upgrading the FMIC and getting a Synapse blow-off valve. Hopefully I'll be able to have THAT vent atmospherically with no issues. I'm sure there are others who have already upgraded their FMIC and BOV, so I think it's okay for it to vent atmospherically once you upgrade from the stock FMIC and diverter-valve ("BOV").

So yeah, there you go guys.


Turbo Steve 03-04-2012 05:20 PM

Those are huge gains! What do the 370z plugs do for you and what numbers are they?


probin94 03-04-2012 07:30 PM

did they do anything with the torque management system in first and second gear? what gear were the dyno runs done in?

YoshiFD3S 03-04-2012 07:48 PM


Shell 91-octane, BTW.

Supposedly the HKS brand (not OEM) 370Z plugs run at a hotter temperature and will actually allow for increased HP/TQ gains.

No, nothing with the the TMS system or shift RPM's or anything like that, because of the possibility of voiding warranty on the transmission, among other things..

The tune is mainly air, fuel, timing, and boost.

Pulls were done in 4th gear.

Also, the HKS M-Series performance spark plugs come in 2 heat levels....8 and 9. I'm talking to Miguel to figure out which one it is that he suggests.

As an FYI, they are ~$25 PER spark plug.

Dr.Gonzo 03-04-2012 07:58 PM

Wow, that was a pretty substantial gain.

My coworker did this to his Ford f-250 Turbo Diesel. He has around 850ftlb or torque at the moment.

The main thing he learned though, change out the head bolts/studs. He ended up floating the heads and blowing the head gaskets due to the extra boost at WOT. Hasn't had a problem since he moved to ARP.

jasen1 03-04-2012 09:57 PM

Bodly going where no man has gone before. Lol
Keep me posted on the spark plug thing. I already have synapse and plan on going with the fmic and maybe mid pipe and exhaust (nameless) this summer.

rjacobs 03-04-2012 10:48 PM

common is to go one step colder than stock for each 100hp over stock. So IMO, they would not do anything since you are only about 60hp over stock, but at that level, they also wont hurt.

Results look promising, but I will be holding off until I see a few more guys running the system.

liquidsilver 03-04-2012 11:46 PM

Numbers are great!! Now can you tell us how the car drives, behaves and feel of butt dyno etc etc? The stuff that matters most I guess.

YoshiFD3S 03-05-2012 02:14 AM

It's the HKS 50003-M45HL's...the Heat Range 9 plugs.

Those are the ones we want.

Miguel said he's trying to work a deal to get a wholesale price on them, so that he can in-turn sell them to us.

I told him if I hadn't heard anything from him by the end of the week, that I'm just gonna order them online at ~$25 a pop.

Butt dyno? It definitely pulls harder, you can feel it for sure. It's not like jumping from a Honda Civic to a C6 Z06, however you will definitely notice that you'll get up-to-speed considerably faster.

I like it, and I like that it didn't hurt my MPG's at all.

I'll be curious to see the MPG's I get starting with a full tank of gas, based on my normal city/highway driving.

If anything, having this tune just makes me that much more excited and anxious about getting an FMIC w/ BOV and the spark plugs. I wanna break 300hp, darn it!! XD

I honestly still haven't decided if I want to upgrade the down-pipe or mid-pipe yet....

Tell you what, though. With some 2nd opinions, I confirmed that my prototype Borla exhaust has a bad howling/whistling to it at high RPM's....I guess that's what I get for having the actual prototype guinea pig exhaust kit... Gonna have to talk to Alvin @ Borla about that...

dolsson 03-05-2012 08:45 AM

So does this mean that someone has cracked the ECU? Isn't this what everyone was waiting for?

So now, like the Genesis we can tune the Sonata 2.0T?!


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