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QUOTE (klink @ Nov 5 2010, 11:26 PM)
I have a problem now.

My car drives fine at normal speeds, but when in gear and idling, it idles a bit rough. Wife drove it a day or two and now today the check engine light came on. I scanned it and got six codes. P300, P303, and P305. All engine misfire codes. My gut is telling me that I'm off by a tooth on all the cams. When I checked them doing the job, the mark on the head lined up with the cam tooth that led to the cam mark, but the tooth was on the left side of the mark. All four cams lined up on this same tooth.

Before I buttoned it all back up, I even had a local mechanic neighbor take a quick look and he said it was lined up properly, but maybe he was mistaken as well? I know the crank cam was lined up properly, I don't think you can mess that one up.

1) Does this sound like a classic tooth misalignment?
[b]If the timing was off for 1 bank, you should have all cylinder on the bank.. (1 - 3 - 5), I would almost be more interested in burnt plugs and wires, and coils, as the 2.7 and 3.5 have habit of leaving of 1 bank with good looking plugs and other bank with nicely burnt plugs (real wide gaps), add in the long wires to get there.

2) Could the Crank position sensor be broken? It had no physical damage, only the plate on the cog was replaced.
[b]If crank sensor was broken, you have a no fire situation, it is possible for sensor to be on way out

3) If I am off by a tooth, is it just a retarded timing, or could I have possibly done some major damage to the valvetrain? Could one tooth be a killer?

Thanks for reading!
I would be more interested in stuff looking like the pics for troubles -

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I am overdue for plugs and wires, but the rough idle and sluggishness symptoms began immediately after I finished the job, so I'm thinking its something I did. I have the plugs and wires already, but was waiting to finish the timing belt job just so there weren't too many variables if a problem arose. (which now has)

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Turned out my problem was the tensioner pulley. I replaced the pulleys along with the belt and although all the timing marks lined up fine by hand cranking, when I started it up, the belt slipped a couple notches on the intake cams, due to the tensioner being at max tension and the pulley not centered properly.

Thankfully no damage was done and all is well now
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