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Check Engine Code P2187

I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata with a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine. After filling the gas tank, the car idles roughly, but accelerates and performs fine at higher speeds. The rough idle lasts about 5-10 miles and then goes away.
Six days ago, I changed the spark plugs and air filter. Four days ago, I filled up with gas (and had the same issue with the rough idle). This morning, I started the car and idled it for 2 minutes while I scraped ice off the windows. I drove the car about 5 minutes and the check engine light came on. I took it to Autozone and the code given was P2187, “System too lean at idle bank #1. "
Autozone suggested that it could be an air intake fault (MAF sensor), fuel pressure, or vacuum leak. They also said they have a MAF sensor cleaner to try.
I am not sure if the rough idle after fill-up and check engine are related. Also, I don’t know if the spark plugs or air filter could be related to the check engine. I was planning on making some easier checks first such as hoses near where I worked last weekend, especially near the air filter. Cleaning the MAF sensor is easy too. I was also going to check for vacuum leaks (incl. intake manifold) and recheck the spark plugs. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Valve cover gasket leak?

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2006 and some 2007 model 2.4 like to crack the intake gasket at cylinder #1... light slow spritz of carb while engine at idle will tell if you gots a leak.

Sometimes you can hear it if your hearing is clear and pick up on light hiss sound.

Leave it go long enough, you might get the 0170 or 0171 lean bank 1 code to go along woth other. Done lots of them gaskets back in the day.

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I had the EXACT same problem. SBR posted close to the same msg.....I didn't even have to spritz anything. I took a look under the hood and I saw the gasket was messed up on the driver's side (I'm assuming that's #1).

I my local mechanic replace it and bam....No more check engine and no more rough idles after filling up the tank.

I don't know if I thanked SBR ---> THANKS!

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Had the same thing happen to my 2006 4cyl Sonata. The dealer replaced the gasket today under the 10/100,000 mile warranty. Runs great now.
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