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Originally Posted by RCOONS View Post
A little more painful tonight ........ the fix appears to have failed. Both the check engine and ESR light are again on. Another crappy trip back to the stealer.
ESR light?

ESC light (Electronic Stability Control)

I would assume you are experiencing total loss of power, until car is re-cranked?

BTW: How many miles on the car now?

Q: Is car from /does it reside, or has it been driven on "SALTED ROADS" / From a "SALT-STATE"...and or from a place near the OCEAN? EG: Has it been exposed to SALT?

Has it been WRECKED?
Salvage title?
Any signs of "FLOOD DAMAGE?
Has a car stereo /alarm shop ever messed with the wiring?

Hopefully it is just a case you got a part built by the lowest bidder that died. :-)

PS: Have them check the charging system and inspect valve cover gasket over alternator while it's in.

Additionally ask them for the codes in the ECU, and post back.

Also, look on the ticket or box TPS cam in and see if part #35107-3C100-NFFF THROTTLE SENSOR ASSYS (TPS) is still th most current part number.


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Last night after dark I went out with a roll of good ole Duck Tape ...... took the Throttle body air hose ( that I've ordered a replacement for ) and wrapped the snot out of it.

Unhooked the battery to clear the codes and then went for a ride.

Appears to have solved the problem.
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Originally Posted by WeAreNotAlonek View Post

Affected vehicles:

For sure:
KIA SEDONA 2006>*2012

Most likely most all KIA /Hyundai's that don't have a physical throttle cable.

Hello all, (part of) the below post was originally going to be part of a reply to a post in another thread.
Thought I'd expand on that post, and post it here so it would help others..


Most likely it's the TPS SENSOR
(TPS= Throttle Position Sensor)

Current part #35107-3C100-NFFF THROTTLE SENSOR ASSYS (TPS)

(If you haven't yet had the below experience, don't worry you will, it just a matter of time.)

TPS SENSOR, what's that?

Back in the old days- A cable was attached to the gas pedal- when you push the gas pedal the cable would open the "butterfly, aka Intake plate". The further you push the gas pedal the more air is admitted into the engine, and the RPM's increased. (Car goes faster.)

Sedona/Entourage has No throttle cable.
It has what is called a "fly by wire" system.
You have a switch in the gas pedal that "talks" to the TPS, and the ECM /ECU. The ECM/ECU (computer) tracks position of gas pedal, and the TPS tracks the position of the intake butterfly valve (Stepper motor). If they don't match... the car goes into "limp home mode". (RPM drops to idle)


You lose power ALL of the sudden without warning (Cool I need a challenge today)
"CEL" comes on (Check Engine light) Code=P2135 IIRC
ESC OFF light comes on (Electronic Stability Control)

Car loses ALL power and the gas pedal doesn't do a blankly-blank thing. (Cool, Hey look at that dump truck coming right at my door - GEE, I can count the number of fins on the radiator it's so close.)

RPM= Think idle speed...

If you are early on in this "lovely" adventure (EG: It just started to happen)... turning the car OFF, then recranking the car will "reset" the ECU... and you regain power.... Regain power till the next event occurs that is.

This morning wifely called... (Boy did she sound happy) dang thing screwed up on her about 4-5 times on her (3) mile trip to work.

The fix?

Well depending upon the *age of your car you can't just "replace' the TPS sensor as they've superseded the part number and it requires that the computer which talks to both components has to be "updated'.
(Read that as you have to pay the dealer 1hr labor -on a part that can be replaced in a few minutes.)

* 2011? 2012 models...
Disclaimer" I don't know when the superseded part came out so a 2011? 2012 model may have the revised part already, If so the symptoms will be the SAME, lucky for you no ECU "update" is required

NOTE: If your car doesn't require a ECM update replacing the TPS is a simple DIY repair.
The holes that hold the TPS sensor are NOT slotted- remove the (3) bolts, (1) electrical connector and it comes right off.

Price= 1hr labor (To R&R TPS SENSOR and REPROGRAM ECU)
(Price was also 1hr labor if I installed part- and had them reprogram ECU)

Total cost= 1hr labor+40+/- for TPS itself...

TIP: If you're car is having this problem, Pick a time of day that traffic is light. If you attempt a trip to the dealer in rush hour traffic you will have all kinds of people using various hand gestures directed towards YOU.

Ah, the trip to the dealership:

Oh, the trip to the dealership was FUN, imagine going city block by city block stop and go NEVER knowing "when" it's going to lose power...
(Lost power about 10 times on the way over there.)..

Once I got on the interstate (A crap shoot if it totally crapped out) When I did have POWER,, it was like get the HECK OUT OF MY WAY... I need to get up SPEED to make it up the next HILL (Mountain) if this thing fails on me again.

(Man was that a police car I just passed?...)

NOTE to self,,, lucky SOB's in areas with their flat level ground -Long stretches of flat level road...

Oh, to the lady in the Honda that was getting off the interstate talking /texting on the phone going like 15mph and when I went into the far lane to get around you, "then" you tried to come over on me...

GET IN THE SLOW LANE, its' not cool to block faster traffic (She was going like 15 in a 45mph zone)
Ok perfect this is my problem on a 2007 Sonata Platinum Edition. Thanks for posting + I like you sense of humor!
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mvpmvp is an unknown quantity at this point
? need help abouth code p2113
? have 2.0 crdi 2008 sonata,my car cant rev over 3000 rpm,dealer read the code p2113 told me need to change tps.
? replaced tps and open the electronic part (gears and motor) it was full of some kind of oil inside,i had clean all inside and test test the motor with 5 volt electric,it s totally working nice,flap is opens and close.
But when i connect to the car swich and test urn on the key throttle flap is getting like block,can not move by finger and its totally open position,when turn off the key it s getting free.when i count the voltage of the swich first rim is 12.5 volt and the others less then 1 volt.
Any one has idea for my problem? Thanks
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I like how old thread is quite new. At least for me.

You lose power ALL of the sudden without warning (Cool I need a challenge today)
"CEL" comes on (Check Engine light) Code=P2135 IIRC
ESC OFF light comes on (Electronic Stability Control)
(If you haven't yet had the below experience, don't worry you will, it just a matter of time.)

This is EXACTLY what I experienced with my 2012 Sonata at 70k miles (currently 75k). Took it to dealership and of course those grease monkeys did nothing (well, except taking $85 for diagnostics). The guy was asking me to purchase battery before he can do diagnostics. What a joke.

Will soon replace the whole throttle assembly because everything is as one unit. Wonder if re-learn will be required?

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Thanks WeAreNotAloneK for the information and for your efforts to keep this forum useable (particularly with respect to user posting follow up threads to let us know what they did to resolve the problem). RCOONS and STEKICAR - if you are reading this - what was your final outcome? Please please please don't just tell us the symptoms and what you think, tell us also what was needed to get things back to normal >)

Here's my issue which I suspect is symptomatic of a leaky throttle body air hose assembly and probably a failing TPS sensor. Or maybe just the air hose assembly.
Vehicle details: 2007 Entourage Limited with ~140,000 kms. Southern Ontario = lots of road salt and lots of above-and-below-freezing temp fluctuations throughout the winter. Bought this van used last winter. Have all(?) service records from previous owner. TPS was not replaced. FWIW the van is also a salvage title due an accident in 2008 (collision, damage to passenger side doors). Price was right given the above. This is the wife's van; I drive our '06 Mazda MPV (>230,000 kms) trying to squeeze out the last drops of life from it before it goes to the scrap yard (and it's still running pretty good despite the RUST). Only other pertinent info I can think of was that the fuel tank was getting to the 1/8 of a tank range because dear wife is too use to me filling up the vehicle and hasn't yet adjusted to the fact that I never drive that van. So maybe there was some ice in the fuel system, just maybe.

A few weeks ago, probably the first "below freezing" day of the year and wife informs me there is a MIL light on. I check the codes and get P0174 (too lean bank 2).

This past weekend we get some crazy weather, temperature fluctuations, snow followed by freezing drizzle and then the temperature drop. So it's cold, the a bit warmer, then colder. Looking through the forum I see cold seems to be a theme with TPS troubles. Anyway, the way sits all weekend, and then is used on Monday without any notice issues. Tuesday it won't start, or starts and then dies. Wife describes a lot of rattling noise from underneath as it struggles to run and then dies. When I get home I try and it does the same start-and-struggle with rattling (which I assume is just everything shaking from very poor fuel combustion) for maybe a second or two, then suddenly something changes, RPMs go up high (I don't know, 3000 rpm maybe?) for a few more seconds, then it goes to normal idle and stays that way. And it is responsive to throttle (so far we've never had any issue with throttle response). I hook up the scanner and get the following codes:
p0171too lean bank 1
p0174 too lean bank 2,
p2106 throttle actuator control - forced limited power (x2)
p1295 Electronic Throttle control system malfunction, (x2)
p161b (x2)

I let it run for a while, then take it around the block. No problem with drive-ability. Let it sit for an hour and take it for a longer drive with a couple stops (as in turning off the vehicle). Seems to be running perfectly fine. (let me add that it was only after that did I learn about the total-loss-of-power issues related to the TPS, otherwise I would not have driven it.

I'm going to take a closer look at the throttle body air hose assembly and suspect it is the issue. Maybe the TPS is fine but with so many failures of that part and the safety issues it presents, I rather pay the $50 CND (yes, no $11 options here) for the part and know it's been replaced (and yes I know the ECU will need to be flashed).

Make sense?

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Update to my posting above. despite the "limp home" codes, the van drove fine after the initial no-start. I don't really understand the "limp home" function - does it reset when the vehicle is restarted?

After reading a number of comments on Amazon regarding the throttle body air hose assembly, I decided to remove mine and have a closer look. guess what - major cracks in the hose, lots of opportunity for unmetered air to enter. that explains the "Too Lean" codes and maybe explains the other codes? Since it was Christmas and no parts available, I decided to try a little temporary fix. I gave assembly a good cleaning to remove all grease and grime around the cracked areas, then sealed all the cracks with Shoe Goo followed by a layer of hockey tape. The Shoe Goo seems to have bonded nicely with the rubber and has some flexibility. Also cleaned the throttle body a little while the hose was off (will give it a proper cleaning later when I remove it to replace the TPS). Disconnected battery to reset ECU. The "repaired" intake hose seems to be holding up well, drove over 500 kms over the holidays with it, idle and acceleration are smooth and no indication of problems whatsoever. this buys me some time to get the correct part (there seems to be some confusion over part numbers and hole sizes for the two resonators). Other than the one-time starting issue and the resulting error codes, there has really been no indication of problems with the TPS. I will replace it anyway since it is a common failure item.

If you have one of these vans, I suggest you have a look at your
throttle body air hose assembly to check for cracks. The fact that Dorman is making a replacement suggests that many are being replaced.
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Pete in PA is an unknown quantity at this point
Yeah, when Dorman is making a replacement part a lot of vehicles are affected. They're a local company to me and we use a lot of their parts.
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