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Hi everyone - I am new to this website & want to thank all of you for posting information on your 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and that you are having problems with the rear brakes.
I too am having the same problem. I heard a small squeaking noise every once in a while for a few weeks. I thought it might be the front brakes, which were supposedly new when we got the vehicle in February at 13,600 miles. I called the dealership in Auburn, MA to see if the front brakes were indeed done. I was told by a manager that they were only checked, did not need to be replaced and they would never tell a customer they would replace front brakes at 13,600 miles. After going back & forth, I was offered a free diagnostic service. After spending 2 1/2 hours in the service department, they told me that the problem is the rear brakes. They said "the rear brake pads have worn thin, especially the left rear - although functioning correctly currently - it is possible the left rear caliper was sticking - the rear pads will need to be replaced & the rear brakes rotors will have to be refaced". I told them at 21,700 miles this should not be happening and something doesn't sound right. I could understand if it was the front brakes, but I have never had a vehicle that has had to have rear brakes replaced. The front brakes do a lot of the work & that's why they wear out faster than rear brakes. They offered to do the job for $270 which I declined. I called a parts store for the parts (caliper, rear brakes pads & rear brake rotors). The parts store told me that if the caliper is malfunctioning, it is destroying the pads & rotor - this is a manufacturing defect & the warranty should cover this. I then called back the service manager who informed me that this is not the case, it is just normal wear & tear. I asked him for the number to Herb Chambers - which he told me, I can't talk to him & he doesn't know how to get a hold of him. So much for their ads, lol! Anyways, I was given the number to Hyundai Customer Service (1-800-633-5151) and I spoke to a man there. He took all the information and assigned it a case number. He will calling the dealership & speak with the service manager in regards this & try to work out a remedy for this situation. In the meantime, I spoke to my father who is a mechanic. He told me that they should not be "cleaning & adjusting the brakes with brake cleaner - this adds to the problem of the caliper sticking. What they do is they clean & adjust the emergency brake - if it is tightened too much on that side, it will keep the emergency brake on all the time & you won't know it until this happens. I will add that I have never once used the emergency brake since I've had this vehicle. After really looking at the paperwork from the dealership, this is what I found out:

2/9/08 - When I got the vehicle at 13,631 miles - they performed a used vehicle safety, clean & adjusted rear brakes, replaced air filter and did an oil change

4/18/08 - Got oil change at 16,419 miles - they inspect all levels, check under the hood, under vehicle, brake inspection (all 4 brakes were checked off in the green box, over 5mm or 7/32" (disc) or over 2 mm or 3/32" (drum) - they did not do brakes measurements. They also checked my tires - the 2 rear tires are checked in green (6/32 or greater) and the 2 front tires are in yellow (3/32 to 5/32). I don't know what the tires & brakes were on the first visit before I got the vehicle.

8/29/08 - Got oil change at 20,235 miles - they checked the same thing - brake inspection was done again, still in the green for all 4. The tires were now all marked in the green (6/32 or greater) rather than the above front tires being in yellow. This tells me that they aren't checking the tires like they say they are. I had also asked that an air filter be installed. I was unaware that on the 2/9/08 visit (less than 7,000 miles ago) that the air filter was installed. You would think that they would have looked back in the records & would have seen the air filter was done. I can't believe it would be that dirty in less than 7,000 miles. So, they charged me $19.98 for the air filter (which was fine) and then $19 for labor! Then they forgot to clip one of the clips shut on the air filter. After complaining to the service manager that it probably takes all of a minute if that to take off the top, put in the air filter & close it again, they sent me a check for $19.98. I could not believe they would charge labor to put in an air filter. Unbelievable!

10/28/08 - Went to get vehicle checked for the squealing noise at 21,704 miles. After being told by the service manager there was nothing he could do, I called Hyundai customer service. I told them that I read numerous complaints of the same exact problem on www.hyundai-forums.com and it sounds like a manufacturing problem and there should be a safety recall for this. They will call the service manager tomorrow and get back to me.

10/29/08 - I received a call from the service manager first thing in the morning. He told me that he was reviewing paperwork at home last night and found that ANOTHER person came in yesterday WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! He said he's on my side now and he has a call into Hyundai to see if they will pre-authorize to fix it. Apparently they can't just fix it without the Ok from Hyundai. I then called Hyundai again and they said that the service manager & sales manager (don't know why the sales manager is involved in this) were looking into it & will be getting back to me. I received a call @5pm from the service manager stating that the Hyundai Factory Representative that they deal with authorized him to pay for parts only & I have to pay for 2 hours labor, which is $142.50. The parts include brake pads, reface rotors and clean & lube the calipers. I called Hyundai back, they confirmed this and said that if I wasn't satisfied to check Section 5 in the manual to appeal this. She said it isn't faulty per the Hyundai dealer so this is the best they can do. I reminded her that A LOT of people complained about the same problem on the internet, that I gave them the web site address & I was politely told that these people need to call Hyundai and complain about this. If they don't, this problem won't be fixed. Basically, if one person calls it's no big deal, if a lot of people call, they know they have a problem and need to fix it.

I am sorry that this is so long but I need to get my point across. Because of all of you, I was able to find out that obviously this is a manufacturing problem. I need your help though. You all need to call Hyundai Customer Service (1-800-633-5151) and make a complaint about this. Make sure you get a case number, the name of the person you spoke to, date & time. There should be a safety recall on this, as calipers don't malfunction at 21,704 miles. As you can see, I have point a lot of time and energy into this - please call Hyundai so they know about this!!! We shouldn't have to pay for a brake job when it's an obvious manufacturing defect. You can either post on here or email me at, irisheyes5193@aol.com

Thank you so much for all of your time - I hope this has helped all of you!!!

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to the forum
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Moving you to the SF thread for more respond...

Hyundai...The Power to Suprised & Drive your way.
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Ont Santa Fe
I would also like to add my welcome to the forum and thanks for a most excellent post!

It is only thru efforts like yours and a community approach to these kinds of problems that we can prevail over the manufacturers and dealers. The internet and forums such as this are indispensable.

While I don't and hopefully won't have this problem I will certainly follow your lead and register a complaint if needed.

Take care and good luck,


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It's too late for me to call customer service as my problem is behind me. But here is what I have recently gone through with my 07 SF at 17,700 miles. I had less than 1/8 inch of pad remaining on the drivers side outer pad when the problem was discovered at the Hyundai dealer. They wanted $159 to replace the pads, and that included the pads price of $106. Hyundai told me their pads were warranted for 12 months or 20,000kms. The aftermarket pads I put on are warranted for 36 months and cost less. So much for dealer service and prices, eh?

There is another related rear brake post on here that lists a few of peoples rear brake problems. Here is my post:

Well, I replaced my rear brake pads today with aftermarket ones. I bought some Raybestos (NASCAR approved grin.gif ) Premium Ceramic pads from a local auto parts store. PART # PGD-1297-C. They are guaranteed for 3 years and cost me $65.95 CAD or $74.52 with taxes. My mechanic friend got his wholesale discount and then put them on for me for $25. Took him about an hour.

Here are some pics of the old rear pads (drivers side) with 28,000kms (17,000mi) . Notice the outer pad is really worn down down (the other 3 pads were fine). The worn one was sticking and not releasing from the rotor. Also, included are some pics of the new pads.

If your not already doing regular cleaning maintenance on your Santa Fe rear pads, I would suggest you at least start checking them for uneven wear. Another 5 or 6 thousand kms and I would have ruined my rotor and that would have meant costing me more $$ for sure.

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I called the local dealer because I have what sounds like a tire that has a flat spot but with only 9k miles thuis should not be the case. After reading all the problems with SantaFe brakes I decided to make a service appt, I will post results. While I was on the phone I discussed the brake issue and the service writer said its common with Hyundai to have brake problems thats why they check the brakes every other time the oil gets changed. This really sounds like a major design problem that EVERYONE with a SantaFe should call and open complaints. I have never had to do this type of preventive brake maint with any other car I have owned.
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Steve, let us know how your brakes are wearing. I think the problem may have something to do with general road conditions. If you are in a fairly warm and normally dry southern state rear brake corrosion may not be a problem for you. However, if you are anywhere in the northern climes, where salt or brine's are used on the roadways, then you'd better pay close attention to what's happening with your brakes. I agree this seems to be more of a design/engineering problem and should be covered under a warranty program.
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I already called Hyundai head office about my brake problems and was told that they haven't had any complaints thusfar from anyone but they would keep my info on file. I've heard that one before.....

They are all about covering thier own butts and less concerned about putting out a quality vehicle free from defects.

Oh, and though this is the first Hyundai we've owned, we've also had two Kia's in the past.(which, as you know, share allot of common parts with Hyundai) I could go on and on about the list of problems we had with each of those vehicles but this isn't the Kia complaint line and I really don't want to relive the headaches those POS's gave us. They basically spent more time on the back of a tow truck broke down then driving down the road.
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