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Replacement Dvd/gps/tv/bluetooth Unit

I have a 2006 CDX with the 2.2 diesel engine and I thought some of you may be interested in the results of finding and fitting a replacement radio unit. I spent some days on the Internet (I'm retired so time is no problem for me!). I eventually found a company in China who had a range of units which fitted individual cars as "plug and play" with no wire cutting involved. I had the choice between an RDS unit complete with DVD and GPS or another one (WD6001) which had a better specification including iPod control:

• 6.2 inch in-dash Two Din TFT touch screen (480x234)
• 3D graphic menu
• Steering control function to match with the car's steering wheel control
• Built-in AM/FM radio; 30 stations storable (but non-RDS)
• Built-in analogue TV (no use for me in the West Country from May this year!)
• Automatic PAL/NTSC
• DVD/CD/MP3 CD player
• Built-in Bluetooth for connection of mobile phone
• Built-in GPS satellite navigation (runs from the micro SD card) – can have navigation and music at the same time (but see my comments later)
• USB interface (for connection of USB thumb drives or USB drives)
• Micro SD card slot on front face
• One channel AUX Video input, two channel Video output
• Rear view parking camera input
• 45W x 4 MAX power output
• iPod connector
• Dimmer function for night driving mode
I decided on the latter as I had already decided to purchase a DAB radio for the car which would make the RDS feature largely redundant. More on that later!
I guess my major concern was the removal of the dashboard trim to access the current radio - however I shouldn't have worried as a forum member helpfully explained the procedure carefully and even sent me an instruction sheet!
So to ordering the unit. I purchased it direct from the manufacturer ( - I was able to have all my concerns satisfied in advance as I had a MSN Messenger type communication with them for some days before I committed. They were extremely helpful and explained that there would be absolutely no wires to cut as the ISO/DIN connection to the current radio simply unplugs and the new one plugs into the same block, and that all the steering wheel controls would operate as before.
The cost of the unit was 360 USDollars plus $70 for shipping to UK. I ordered it and they shipped it at 1pm on a Saturday (UK time). I was given a DHL link to see it as it moved to Hong Kong Airport, then Heathrow Airport, then the DHL centre in the East Midlands, then my local DHL centre in Exeter. And I could hardly believe it when it was delivered at 10.00am on the Monday morning, less than 36 hours after it was shipped. I thought I had beaten HM Customs & Excise but they sent a bill for the duty and tax at a later date!
I have attached some pictures showing the unit as it was delivered and during and after fitting.
Fitting - I began by removing the 2 screws holding the small glove box above the clock so that I could then see the old radio. I then followed the instructions from the forum member to unclip the dashboard trim and it went exactly as one would hope with no damage being inflicted on the "wood" and plastic trim. Then it was just a case of unscrewing the bolts holding the old radio, unclipping the power/connection block and then offering up the new unit. This was simple and in no time (well, maybe an hour as I went VERY slowly) the new unit was fitted and I tested the functions before I clipped the dashboard trim back in place.
Am I pleased with the result? From an aesthetic viewpoint it is as close to perfect as is possible to get - the silver colour matches the existing trim, even the blue lighting colour is a close match to the existing blue lighting of the other buttons. Everyone who has seen it has remarked that it looks as though it was designed by Hyundai as an original fitment.
How does it perform? Well the biggest problem I had was the GPS satnav and I thought I'd made a mistake buying it at first! As I said earlier you can choose which GPS satnav system you want supplied (the unit runs WINCE 5 and any system compatible with that works OK - in theory!). It actually runs the software which is on the micro SD card. I opted for TomTom as this was the satnav system I had on my current dashtop unit. Well that was a big mistake! It transpired that it is impossible to set the Regional settings in TomTom so the local time (time of arrival etc) is wrong. Doh! So more searching of Forums (especially and I found that a more suitable system would be iGO8 and all the software is available on the site together with maps of the world. I have installed v8.3.2 and that includes maps of UK dated November 2008 and I even have speed camera warnings (£17 p.a. at and Text To Speech ability as well.
What are the problems? It may be my installation but I have a very slight whine when the unit is on (and there is volume on the unit). It is not speed dependent i.e. it does not get louder or change if I rev the engine. It is not noticeable when you are driving – only standing still. I have booked it in the see a "radio doctor" in Exeter next week to see if he can solve it – perhaps it may be something as simple (LOL) as a choke.
The other comment is not a problem as such but when I am using the satnav and the radio for example, I would prefer the satnav screen to be visible all the time and the radio sound be replaced by the satnav instructions. As it is I get the radio screen all the time and the radio is muted and the satnav instructions and the satnav screen appear only when a turning or something occurs. I'm not sure I've explained that very well but I hope you can understand? It's not a problem and I have reported it to the manufacturer to see if a firmware upgrade could alter it. If not, c'est la vie!
Other than that I am delighted with the Waywell unit and can highly recommend it (no connection with the manufacturer!).
Once it was all fitted I then decided to fit the DAB radio and the reversing camera. I purchased the PURE Highway radio and made use of the aux. input connection in the Waywell rather than relying on the FM transmission to send the signal from the Highway. That way you get a solid signal. I fitted the unit itself into the box between the front seats and even using the arm supplied it fits perfectly. The beauty of fitting it there is that it is never on display in the car. I purchased a proper DAB magnetic aerial and the reception is perfect so long as it is not a dead DAB area. I find it better than RDS as it has all the benefits of DAB i.e. constant buffering of programmes so you can rewind live radio or indeed pause live radio to catch any traffic reports or news bulletins you may have missed.
Fitting the reversing camera was rather more tricky as you have to run 2 wires from the camera – one signal and one power wire. I tapped into the reversing light power wire in the tailgate and carefully ran the wires forward. It is hardly noticeable. I fitted the camera just above the number plate.

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